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  • " Big Apple (phone) is watching you"

    With so many iPhonistas among my colleagues at censhare I thought I could trigger excitement when I discovered a Nagios/Icinga viewer app for the iPhone. And yes, it worked! My e-mail announcing its existence resulted immediately in two personal and one e-mail-based replies: "Must have!" I almost couldn't believe my luck as the usual reaction towards Nagios is "Oh no, all these annoying e-mails all the time!".
  • " Pimping Nagios/Icinga e-mail notifications II"

    In my last blog I talked about cosmetics which can be applied to notification e-mails sent out by the Nagios/Icinga monitoring system. Cosmetics might be helpful, but sometimes a complete make-over will do wonders for usability.

  • " Pimping Nagios/Icinga e-mail notifications"

    When Nagios sends out notification e-mails regarding failing or misbehaving hosts and services, the format and the content of the message are not hard-wired in the Nagios source code. Instead Nagios uses two command objects, one for host (connectivity) related and one for service related notifications.


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